Sponsor a Pastor


With limited resources and training, many African pastors do their best to lead their church congregations. However, many times they feel alone in their work.
We, at advocates for Africa, have made these pastors one of our major focuses by partnering with them for years. By training these pastors we are seeing great results, and they are seeing the difference in their churches and villages. They feel empowered and loved, with a fresh, new outlook on their ministries and their work. But, there are still so many who need our help.
Will you help us help them by starting your own fundraising campaign? For every $30 raised, another pastor can receive the same training to elevate their ministry. Thirty dollars sends a pastor to a training conference, expenses paid, and gives them the resources they need to grow their church, impact their villages, and reach more and more people!
Also, the more people that know about Advocates For Africa, the greater our impact. So please, consider spreading the word by sharing this page with your friends and family.