Life Center

Life Center

The Life Center exists to provide technical, skilled training to women of the Bugesera, Rwanda region, promoting entrepreneurship and economic stability.


Ruhuha, Rwanda is home to some of the poorest people in the entire country. Those who are orphaned as children and those who are divorced are especially vulnerable. Many women in these situations turn to sexual favors in trade for food for themselves and their families. This ultimately leads to children being born into an even more difficult situation, and the cycle of “sex for money” is compounded. Simply said, mothers who want to feed their babies, but have nothing, will do whatever it takes to provide.

Our students are learning to make and repair local clothing such as school uniforms, create beautiful African baskets, jewelry, and handbags with the ultimate goal of taking them to market both in Africa and America.


In 2021, this project was gifted a new building right in the heart of Ruhuha, Rwanda, allowing us to expand the vision of the program.


We estimate this project will improve the lives of more than 300 people with a full enrollment of 100 students and will help a graduate’s entire family by teaching her this trade, how to start her own business, and how to maintain it!