Clean Water Projects

Clean Water Projects


The World Health Organization reports the 3rd leading cause of death for a child under 5 in Africa, is directly linked to drinking dirty water. To make matters worse, the average distance many have to walk to fetch this dirty water is 7 miles.

Advocates For Africa is doing its part to reverse this crisis by providing clean water solutions to churches, schools, and impoverished families.



These filters last 5 years and provide clean water instantly to those in need.



This system catches rainwater into a large tank providing water all rainy season.



We’ve recently partnered with the Rwandan government to install community water taps.  Working together, we run the necessary pipe from the water treatment plant miles into remote villages eliminating the need for long walks to fetch dirty water.

Every dollar raised towards this effort brings life-giving water one step closer to people in need.

Would you consider starting your own campaign or making a donation to help today?