Advocates Christian Academy

Advocates Christian Academy


Students are thriving at Advocates Christian Academy!

ACA was intentionally constructed in a rural area of Rwanda Africa where access to quality education is difficult to find.  Our students are intentionally chosen from some of the poorest conditions in Africa because we believe that EVERY child deserves to grow up to be a world changer regardless of where they live or how much money they have. We believe that focusing on biblical leadership from the earliest levels will help to build a solid future for the students and for the region as a whole.

Our vision at Advocates Christian Academy is to build Godly, ethical leaders for the future of Africa.

We must expand soon!

Currently, we have 217 students ranging from nursery level to primary 4, but as our students move beyond primary 6, they will need a middle school to attend.  So, our vision is MUCH LARGER than our current facility.  We realize that this impoverished region has a need for many more students to be educated so we’ve prepared to expand with a middle school, high school, and even a technical trade school!

Additionally, we plan to add a child sponsorship office with a warehouse and even long-term missionary housing for those who want to come serve with us on a more full-time basis.

Take a look at the entire vision for Advocates Christian Academy HERE.

You can be part of this incredible vision!

Obviously, a vision of this magnitude will take partnership.  We are seeking individuals, families, businesses, churches, and foundations that are looking for a way to make a LEGACY IMPACT into the lives of children like ours.  If that excites you like it does us, please consider partnering with us to provide a future to these precious children.


Partnerships might include:

  • – One-time donations.
  • – Family bequeathed donations.
  • – Businesses partnering through a percentage of net revenue.
  • – Churches funding a yearly project or monthly support.
  • – Foundations looking to extend their reach beyond this generation.


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