Advocates Christian Academy

Advocates Christian Academy

Classes have officially begun at the Advocates Christian Academy!

Imagine not being able to educate your children.

This is the reality for millions of parents in Africa. Widespread poverty in rural areas has made it impossible for some children to attend school. Worse yet, is that without an education the next generation is likely going to remain in that poverty.

That’s why we built the Advocates Christian Academy. This newly completed school is located in a rural area where access to a good education is not easily accessible. We believe that focusing on biblical leadership from the earliest levels will help to build a solid future for the students and for the region as a whole. This land will also hold a medical and dental facility, missionary team housing, and teacher apartments as we begin phase 1b (currently underway) and phase 2 in the coming years.

You can help a student at the Academy today!

Now that Phase 1 is completed and children are now attending classes, you can come alongside these deserving boys and girls by providing scholarships for the current (and future) students of the Advocates Christian Academy. By providing a scholarship for a child at the Academy, you are truly helping pave the path to their future. Would you consider donating towards helping a child today through a scholarship?