We Work Together

we listen. we advise.

We seek and build relationships with individuals who are making a diference in their communities.
By finding those who are already creating change, we are deepening impact instead of duplicating it.

we believe in raising our voices for those that are rarely heard through

What is an advocate?


An advocate is a person who pleads on someone else’s behalf. Countless widows, orphans, unbelievers and uneducated have a story waiting to be told. We believe this story should include a relationship with Jesus and awareness of their pressing needs.

We exist to bring hope, compassion
and education to the people of Africa


True hope is only found through a relationship with Christ. Working with local Pastors, we organize large gospel crusades where thousands of people receive Christ each year. We are able to reach remote villages with the gospel message using such tools as the “Jesus Film.” Thousands of people in villages hear the gospel and respond in faith, each year.


There are still many widows, orphans and displaced people throughout Africa. Many of these people have no real means of providing for themselves. We explore initiatives to create income for the poor, install water wells, give relief goods to refugee camps and perform other efforts to relieve current suffering.


We believe that by providing a Godly education with a focus on leadership and ethics, that Africa’s children can become the world changers of tomorrow. We are currenly building a school and through our training conferences, Pastors and leaders are equipped with the tools they need to become effective in their specific roles.


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Climb For Kids

EVERY DOLLAR donated moves our climbing team one foot closer to the summit of Kilimanjaro and one step closer to our goal of raising $100,000 for Advocates Christian Academy in Rwanda, Africa. YOUR SPONSORSHIP of this climb helps put more money straight towards our mission in Rwanda and help even more impoverished children gain a great education.